011: Happy Birthday Mẹ (Mom)

A celebration of life for my late mother on her 52nd birthday.
In the summer of 2018, I lost my then 48-year old mother. This special episode is a small tribute to my mom - otherwise known as Me to me, which means “mom” in Vietnamese. She was warm and kind. A person that enjoyed talking and laughing. She was able to do that up to the day she died, which was coincidentally the same date as her birthday, having spent it with all of us. A personal recollection of a beautiful young woman full of life that courageously left her country, learned a new language and skills, turned mother and wife, from the perspective of her oldest child and daughter. Rest in paradise.


Topics Covered
  • Commemorating my dad, Ngoc Thi Tran or Ngoc Tran, on her 52nd birthday
  • How she came to Canada from Vietnam
  • My favourite memories with her
  • The kind of person she was
  • Reflecting on my life with her and her death

Show Notes

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011: Happy Birthday Mẹ (Mom)
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