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012: Everything Everywhere All At Once

My personal commentary on the film, Everything Everywhere All At Once.

011: Happy Birthday Mẹ (Mom)

A celebration of life for my late mother on her 52nd birthday.

010: Why Didn't You Do The Dishes?

What do you do when your roommate isn’t meeting your expectations?

009: Friendship Breakups > Ghosting

Proactive friendship breakups are the best.

008: Boundaries in Life and the Internet

Beware who you connect with on social media.

007: Happy Birthday Ba (Dad)

A celebration of life for my late father on his 57th birthday.

006: The Role of Social Media in My (Mostly) Tech Career

Getting jobs by shouting into the void (genuinely and strategically).

005: Relationships and Work: How I Learned Some Were Not For Me

When your gut is screaming, “This feels off,” listen.

004: IVF As Someone Who Gets Clammy About Needles and Has Avoided Bloodwork for Over a Decade

When some of your greatest fears are superseded by something even more important.

003: Burnout and Things I Learned in Therapy

That time that I burned out and took 5 weeks off of work.

002: Defining Success for Every Season of Your Life

Sharing my definitions of success and inviting you to do the same.

001: The Birth of a Candid Podcast

A new era in self-expression, mental health, and career.

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