001: The Birth of a Candid Podcast

A new era in self-expression, mental health, and career.

For a long time, I’ve had the urge to share my thoughts and feelings. Some ways, fulfilling. Other ways, not so much. I’ve been a person for almost 30 years and a professional software developer for almost 5 and haven’t really done a thing to uplift anyone outside of my immediate circle. With a little encouragement from the experienced, I’m doing it.


Topics Covered
  • The meaning behind the podcast name
  • Why a podcast specifically
  • How Jason Lengstorf jumpstarted me sharing my experiences
  • What my tagline means: “Breaking barriers through candid conversations”
  • Why it’s important to me to have thought-provoking discussions
  • How I’m actually funny
  • A story about that one time I messed up baking donuts really bad
  • Building a community. Come join me!

Show Notes

Keep it candid,


001: The Birth of a Candid Podcast
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